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Who Pays For What?

Although tradition calls for the bride's parents to pay for the wedding, it's common for the bride and groom to contribute to the cost of their own wedding. To plan a successful wedding, you need to work within a budget and keep organized.

Let's look at this traditional breakdown of wedding costs.

This is only a guide and it is intended to provide knowledge for financial responsibilities for everyone involved in your wedding. Wedding budgets are subject to personal factors that will vary based on different family situations.

The Bride.

The bride should purchase the groom's wedding ring and a gift for him. The following items she is expected to pay for herself are:

  • Her personal stationery

  • Her personal physical examination and required medical tests

  • A gift for her maid of honor and each of her bridesmaids

  • Lodging for any out-of-town attendants

The Groom. 

The groom should purchase his bride's engagement and wedding rings and a gift. The following items that he is expected to pay for himself are:

  • The fee for the marriage license

  • The bride's bouquet

  • Corsages for both his and her mothers

  • Boutonnieres for the male attendants

  • Gifts for his best man and ushers

  • Lodging for any of his attendants who come from out of town

  • His physical exam and required medical tests

  • The fee for the officiant who will perform the ceremony at the wedding

  • His wedding attire

  • The honeymoon

The Bride's parents.

  • Bridesmaids bouquets

  • Bride's wedding day attire and trousseau

  • Ceremony site rental

  • Their own wedding clothes

  • Flowers and decorations for the wedding side and reception

  • Food and beverages for the reception

  • Gifts for the bride and groom

  • Invitations and wedding announcements

  • Musicians

  • Photographer/Videographer

  • Reception site rental

  • Services of a wedding planner

  • Tenting for an outdoor wedding and/or reception

  • Wedding cake

The Groom's parents.

  • Hosting the rehearsal dinner

  • Gifts to the bride and groom

  • Their own lodging and travel expenses

  • Their own wedding clothes

The Attendants.

Both male and female

  • Paying for their own wedding clothes

  • Their personal travel expenses

  • A wedding gift for the bride and groom 

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