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What’s Your Wedding Style

Chances are you have some vision of what wedding will be like. But how do you choose your wedding style? Whether you want your style to be traditional, romantic, elegant, formal, rustic or vintage, determining your wedding style will help every aspect of your planning process.


Timeless elegance and the utmost sophistication on your wedding day. To achieve classic wedding style, you can match centerpieces, fine china, high-end linens, and a carefully-chosen wedding color palette. Venues like historic estates, ballrooms, and country clubs are naturally suited for classic wedding style.


It’s a fabulous opportunity to go all out with fancy wedding décor for a glittering celebration, from elegantly draped linens to oversized floral wall, sequined attire and crystal chandeliers.


Weddings are always romantic events. But romantic style creates enchanting, fairy-tale inspired feel. Imagine a beautiful garden venue that has a kissing bench, a fountain and exquisite table settings, and plenty of candles to set the mood.


Different ideas come to mind when it comes to vintage style, themed weddings inspired by The Great Gatsby and the roaring 20’s, or Old Hollywood glamour. European-inspired venues would be a great fit for this style with luxe details like heirloom furniture and gold candelabras to take you back in time.


Countryside charm is what this style is all about. Traditional rustic weddings incorporate lots of pastoral elements, like mason jars filled with lavender, old-fashioned inkwells as candle holders, hay bales and burlap. Today couples are adding chic to this wedding style using a mix of modern elements such as lace, twinkling lights and hanging floral centerpieces and chandeliers.


Bohemian wedding style is best known for flower crowns, oversized bouquets, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, and unexpected decor pieces. This style is relatively versatile for indoor or outdoor locations, such as an art gallery, industrial space or a barn.


Whimsical wedding style is described as playfully quaint and fanciful especially in an appealing and amusing way. Jewels and geode décor trends, thrifted china and interactive entertainment such as a photo booth would fit perfectly for the special day.

Your wedding planner can help you determine your wedding style by working together and getting to know you. Our professional event planners at Sapphyre Events can help you with all your wedding and event-planning needs.

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